Why Ahana Jewellery is best

Low Prices

Company's selling price is 50% less than the competition in organised sector (Branded Jewellery). The competitors are trying to sell identical products at about double the price levels of Ahana. As the market in India is price-sensitive, the competition is an utter failure in making inroads in the traditional jewellery market (unorganised sector). The company, having surveyed & studied the market of traditional jewellers, has kept its selling price at par with them, while at the same time selling branded jewellery in the market at the same prices that traditional jewellery is being sold.


For success of any brand, it is highly important to provide best designs of international standard. Ahana has developed more than twenty thousand designs on the world,s leading 3D computer-aided designing software

Certification and Quality

Every jewellery piece manufactured by Ahana is hallmarked from BIS and all diamonds used in them are certified by the best Laboratories of the world International Gemmological Institute (IGI)/ Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). The entire jewellery manufacturing process is computer controlled, and each process is done on world-class imported machines. As a result, the jewellery manufactured by Ahana has the best finish of international standard. This finishing cannot be imitated by local manufacturers, or by hand process.

Information Technology

It uses Information Technology to enable excellent inventory management and control. This allows minimum investment by our dealers/distributors, at the same time offering superb returns.