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The company was established about 10 years back. It started with handmade jewellery, and then graduated to casting jewellery in addition to handmade jewellery.

The brand Ahana signifies the first rays of the sun. It is a pioneer in the world of diamond jewellery manufacturing. Ahana diamond jewellery is a brand established for the company's business to business (B2B) operations. Ahana is backed by a series of marketing activities never seen before in the history of the jewellery industry. It includes extensive television advertisements, print media, outdoor media & in-store publicity. With the increase in the number of foreign brands coming into India, branded jewellery was limited to the elite class of society. Various Indian brands which have come up are exploiting the consumers sentiments, thus charging a hefty brand premium for their products. To counter this, Ahana offers to the consumers a world-class branded product without the hefty price tag attached to it.


CAD/CAM technology has been adopted in the advanced countries of the world for quite some time. But in India, the technology is used only for export oriented products. Ahana,s designing team is trained on the best jewellery designing software of the world.

Our jewellery designing team is creating more than 1000 unique jewellery designs each month. We have already developed a design bank of more than 20,000 designs.


Computer Aided Rapid Prototyping Machine imported from America, it is capable of making digital master models which will be casted using plants imported from Germany, Japan, and Italy. All the machines imported are the world,s best technology. The entire manufacturing process is environment friendly.

The jewellery created from these machines has a world-class finish and are subject to stringent quality measures

All jewellery manufactured by Ahana is 18 Kt hallmarked gold (yellow/white), and the diamonds being used are certified by IGI/GIA